2016-2017 Program Schedule Now Available!

A new school year is fast approaching, which means a new program year is also underway for us here at Everybody Wins! Iowa. We will have over 30 different program sites this year with times available before school, during lunch, and after school. Check out the schedule below!

Click here for our full 2016-2017 program schedule.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Apply online today!

Have a question or just looking for more information? E-mail our Volunteer Coordinator, Anna, at volunteer@everybodywinsiowa.org.


July Mentor of the Month

Our Mentor of the Month for July is Kate Corman.
Kate is a mentor at Carver Community School.
Kate has been an EWI mentor for both the school year and summer programs for 5 years. She brings her love of reading and enthusiasm for books to the program. She consistently visits local libraries for books of interest for her mentees. This last school year her student enjoyed Super Hero books and she just may have checked out every Super Hero book in the city!
“Books take a person to a new place, another reality, where their imagination is the limit. A kid’s imagination is something to treasure so by reading they can use their minds in new ways they might not in the classroom, with friends, etc. I can think of no better way to share my love of reading than by reading with the Everyone Wins! Iowa Power Lunch program. It’s been a rewarding experience for me and I’ve gotten to reread and discuss some of my favorites again like “Charlotte’s Web” and “Fudge-a-mania”.”
Thanks for sharing Kate!

Welcome to our new IDPH AmeriCorps Mentoring Advocate, Jordan Mains!


Say hello to our newest staff member, Jordan Mains. Jordan will be our new quarter-time IDPH AmeriCorps Mentoring Advocate. He grew up in Algona, Iowa, and graduated from Iowa State University  with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and a second major in Psychology. Jordan is excited to be a part of the Everybody Wins! Iowa team because it’s a great way to help youth and give back to the community. Welcome aboard, Jordan!

June Mentor of the Month

Our Mentor of the Month for June is Morris Hutchins
Morris is a mentor at Monroe Elementary and McKinley Elementary. 
Morris started mentoring with us in the summer of 2015 and continued his mentoring throughout the school year. This summer Morris has continued his involvement with not just one, but two summer programs. “His dedication to our program shows in how quickly he bonds with his students. The laughter that comes from their tables, even after one meeting, is infectious,” says Macy McKendree, Program Manager.
Morris shared with us why he enjoys being a mentor:
“I enjoy reading with the Everybody Wins Iowa program because the experience with the kids, the experience being a mentor, and being able to help the community a little more. I enjoy kids’ stories and their experiences and seeing what they learn from us, the mentors. It’s a great experience, and I love it. I’ve been doing it about a year now and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m glad to be involved with the community and the schools within Des Moines and for this opportunity.”
Thank you for your dedication
to our students and program, Morris!

May Mentor of the Month

Our Mentor of the Month for May is Liza Albright, mentor at Edmunds Elementary School.
Here’s a story our Edmunds School Coordinator, Meg Morgensen, shared about Liza:
Liza was matched with George this school year who is extremely shy. In the first few months of the program, he said less than 2 words to her during reading program. However, she persisted and was always a stable presence for him. After the first few months, he began rushing to the front of the lunch line so he could be first in the library to read with her. Now, he focuses completely on the book and listens attentively, speaks in full sentences with Liza, and even tells her goodbye when he leaves program to return to class. This is a HUGE improvement. Another thing about Liza is that she will willingly read to other students whose mentors are not available. And, she volunteered to be a two week substitute in another Edmunds Power Lunch program for a mentor who was traveling. It is mentors like Liza that make this program so successful!
Thank you so much Liza, our May Mentor of the Month!

Now Hiring!

Half-Time and Quarter-time IDPH AmeriCorps Mentoring Advocate Positions Available!
This IDPH AmeriCorps Mentoring Member will provide marketing, recruitment, and training resources for Everybody Wins! Iowa.
To learn more about this opportunity, please follow the links below:
Please email statedirector@everybodywinsiowa.org for more information.

Summer Programs

Are you looking for a way to continue to make a difference in the lives of students in your community this summer? Our summer programs get under way in June so we can help kids stay enthusiastic about reading during summer vacation. And this year we have expanded to eight programs to better serve more students!

Take a look at our summer schedule here to see if there is a time/place that works for you, and email volunteer@everybodywinsiowa.org for more information.

Or fill out an application here!

End of the Year Celebrations!

Our school year programs are wrapping up this week (with the exception of Downtown School and CFUM Breakfast). While it’s sad that another year is ending, we have had a lot of fun with our year-end celebrations! We have had book giveaways and treats for our awesome students, and can’t wait to see them next year!

If you are interested in mentoring over the summer, we have eight programs that still need volunteers! Just email program@everybodywinsiowa.org for more information.