May Mentor of the Month

Our Mentor of the Month for May is Liza Albright, mentor at Edmunds Elementary School.
Here’s a story our Edmunds School Coordinator, Meg Morgensen, shared about Liza:
Liza was matched with George this school year who is extremely shy. In the first few months of the program, he said less than 2 words to her during reading program. However, she persisted and was always a stable presence for him. After the first few months, he began rushing to the front of the lunch line so he could be first in the library to read with her. Now, he focuses completely on the book and listens attentively, speaks in full sentences with Liza, and even tells her goodbye when he leaves program to return to class. This is a HUGE improvement. Another thing about Liza is that she will willingly read to other students whose mentors are not available. And, she volunteered to be a two week substitute in another Edmunds Power Lunch program for a mentor who was traveling. It is mentors like Liza that make this program so successful!
Thank you so much Liza, our May Mentor of the Month!

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