SERVONS Volunteer Reward Program

Servons Only2

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the SERVONS Volunteer Rewards Program. It’s as easy as SERVE, EARN, and SPEND.

You SERVE by volunteering with Everybody Wins! Iowa.
You EARN two servons worth $10 ($5 per servon) for every hour you volunteer.
You SPEND your servons on highly desirable products/services OR donate your servons back to EWI.

By donating your servons, you’re “giving” twice. Once by volunteering, and then again by donating your servons.

To sign up, go to, click on “Join”, then “Member” from the pull down menu, and fill out your profile to open your account. Then send an email to with your name, our Nonprofit’s name, and the total number of hours you volunteered with us or any other Nonprofit in Iowa to be credited the servons you have earned.

Remember, you can, in effect, “give” twice. Once by volunteering and again by donating your servons to us. Your generosity will help us further our organization’s mission!

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