August 2017 Regional Coordinator Feature

Angi DeCapp, Regional Coordinator for Everybody Wins! Iowa

Our featured coordinator this month is Angi DeCapp. Angi is beginning her fourth year of coordinating with Everybody Wins! Iowa. She spent two years as a Site Coordinator and is entering her second year as a Regional Coordinator.

As one of three Regional Coordinators, Angi oversees several of our EWI programs and is the main contact for the Site Coordinators who organize these programs.

Angi was a mentor to a young boy for year before she began coordinating with EWI.

It was good because my kids had gone off to school and it was nice to be able to sit down and read with a student,” Angi said. “The student that I had when I was a mentor was pretty shy and didn’t have a whole lot to say. But by the end of the school year, he really opened up to me.”

Angi said that her student’s reading ability had grown over the course of the school year. Her experience as a mentor is part of what led her to her choice to coordinate with EWI.

“I decided that I would like to volunteer more time having been in the program as a mentor, and coordinating in the town that I live in, I thought that I could basically fill the program,” Angi said. “Knowing people, having contacts, and having friends and people that I knew. I saw the opportunity to expand the program by becoming a coordinator and not just a mentor.”

Angi said that she has enjoyed her time serving as a mentor and a coordinator with EWI. She has also enjoyed meeting and working with all of the people.

“It’s awesome to work with the staff that I work with and the Norwalk school district,” Angi said.

Angi currently has mentors that have been reading with the same student for as long as she has been coordinating. She said it was nice to observe their growth over years and is looking forward to seeing even more growth this year.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for us, Angi!

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