January Coordinator Feature

Becky Evans, Site Coordinator at South Union Elementary

Becky Evans felt the need to set aside some time doing something that would contribute to making the world a better place. That is what brought her into her current role as a site coordinator for Everybody Wins! Iowa at South Union Elementary School.

This is Becky’s second year of coordinating, and the experience has been one that she very much enjoys. She especially enjoys the initial reunion between mentors and students each week.

“There is some sort of magic in it that is rewarding to witness,” Becky said.

Becky is quite familiar with the feeling of a mentor being reunited with their student as she was a reading mentor just last year.

A warm smile and a strong passion are two things that Becky always bring to her programs, Christine Russell, Program Manager for Everybody Wins! Iowa, said.

“She enjoys getting to know her mentors at her two sites and considers them family,” Christine said. “As a mother herself to two boys, she knows the importance of reading aloud to children and sharing the love of literature.”

It’s enjoyable for Becky to see the relationships that develop between mentors and their students. There has been one particular student and mentor relationship that Becky has grown fond of.

The student started off a bit reluctant and difficult,” Becky said. “Now, there is no friction and I think a real, respectful friendship is developing. “

For anyone who is looking to occupy their time, Becky wants to encourage you to give reading and mentoring with Everybody Wins! Iowa a try.

“The organization’s name is perfect,”  Becky said. “It is wonderful being part of such a positive experience for all involved.”

Becky also wanted to be sure to give thanks to her school contact, Jessica Purscell, as well as the other staff at South Union Elementary, for all of their help and support.

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