July Mentor of the Month

Anne Quinlan is self-described as a person who has a passion for service and a heart for children. This is evident because she volunteers for both Book Buddy (United Way) and Power Read with Everybody Wins! Iowa. She has collectively volunteered for these two programs for three years.

Anne  started reading with the United Way Book Buddy program in 2016 at ConMigo (a Hispanic day care). She has since started reading with EWI at Cattell Elementary and Carver Community School during the school year.

This summer, Anne has been reading at Walnut Street School. She hopes to return to Carver to read with her same student in the fall.

When asked about her relationship with her student at Carver, Anne said, “It’s a magical relationship. My student said to me pretty early on that Tuesday’s (the day of the program) were her favorite days to come to school because of EWI. I thought that was pretty cool.”

”Anne is very dedicated to her student during the program,” said Tina Hoss, site coordinator for Carver Elementary. “She makes their reading time together so much fun.  Kaitlyn is always excited to go into the reading room every week to read with Anne.  If there is a mentor who is unable to attend the session, Anne is always happy to fill in.  Anne is always so positive and upbeat, we are fortunate to have her as a mentor.”

Anne grew up in Des Moines and moved to Washington DC to work as an attorney for the Interstate Commerce Commission. When she retired, she moved back to Iowa. 

“I knew I wanted to do volunteer work and be a presence in my hometown,” Anne said. “I also wanted to establish a network to give back. ”   

Anne’s passion for education also stems from her level of education. She is a graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy in Des Moines. After graduating from St. Joseph’s, she attended undergrad at Iowa State and then went to Drake Law School.

Because she is retired, Anne says that volunteering gives her structure and someplace to be. She also emphasizes how important it is to give back to our children for their education and future.

“It’s easy to make a big difference, and it only takes a little bit of time each week,” Anne said.

EWI thanks Anne for her heart for service, children and the support of our program.

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