Rod Bradley – August Mentor of the Month

Rod Bradley II has a passion for education and helping children. This passion led him to obtain his early education degree from Cedarville University in Ohio.

Initially, Rod was able to foster his passion by substitute teaching in Des Moines for 3 years after graduating from college. He now works for John Deere Financial as a Processing Coordinator, and is going on his third year of reading with co-workers at Findley Elementary. Rod also read at Hillside Elementary this summer.  

This school year, Rod will be starting his third year of reading together with his student Isidro and his second year reading with another student, Joanna. He says that each of these mentoring relationships are different and he enjoys his time.

When asked what he enjoys most about his time with Everybody Wins, Rod said, “I enjoy listening to them read, and assisting them with their phonetic skills.  They were, and are, a joy to work with. Isidro and I both enjoy talking about superheroes, and reading superhero books. Joanna and I share an appreciation for our families and her pets. Joanna also like to occasionally read to Isidro and me.”

Rod found EWI three years ago during the United Way Campaign through John Deere Financial.

“I love being a mentor because I recognize the importance of children, and young people, having a positive role model,” Rod said. “I am a mentor because I can see their potential in being anything they truly want to be. I desire to have a positive impact on their lives. I love being available for the children and I appreciate working with them. Kids are a joy to be around, and they keep me young. It is great seeing them work things out and interact with each other.”

He shares this joy in his personal life through interactions with his nieces, nephew and two fraternal twin step-children. He also volunteers with Upward Bound, a program that provides opportunities for participants to succeed in their precollege performance and ultimately in their higher education pursuits.

As an ending thought, Rod said “I wish all our EWI students much success over the years.  These kids can truly do whatever they would like, with the power of education and hard work.  I also encourage volunteers to continue volunteering and mentoring. It takes a village to raise these children, and I enjoy being a part of this village.  Thank you, EWI, for the opportunity to make an impact in a child’s life.”

EWI thanks Rod for his commitment, passion, and dedication for the program.

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