November Mentor of the Month – Kelsi Messer

Kelsi Messer is a proud Cyclone who mentors at Lakewood Elementary. She has been
a mentor since January of 2017. She started out at our Lutheran Church of Hope
location and has since moved from Oviatt to Lakewood in Norwalk. She has also been
seen volunteering at many of our events over the past years.

Outside of being a mentor with Everybody Wins! Kelsi is an attorney in subrogation
litigation at Nationwide. Prior to that she practiced privately in real estate and estate

One of her favorite stories that she shares about being a mentor is that, “I could have
gone my whole life without knowing anything about Dinosaurs. My mentee last year
loved dinosaurs and so we read every single book Oviatt had regarding those animals.
My mentee was not a fan of me mispronouncing their names, so I’m now pretty much
an expert in all things dinosaurs due to his guidance and teaching.

When asked why she chooses to mentor with Everybody Wins! Iowa she says, “I’ve
always loved reading and have the best memories of reading in elementary school. EWI
allows me to share that love of reading while giving back to my community.”

Kelsi ends by saying being a mentor is “a really simple way to make an impact on the
life of a child. Some weeks these mentoring sessions will totally make your whole week
and shift your attitude”

EWI thanks Kelsi for her dedication to the program.

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