What Our Students Are Saying About Power Read

Recently the Power Read students were asked for their views of their Power Read experience. The students were asked one of four questions and their responses were recorded by their mentors.

As you can tell from their responses, the students in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade enjoy their time spent reading and conversing with their mentors.

Here are a few of their responses:

Tell me what you enjoy about Power Read:

“Everything.  I think it is awesome.  I can eat in the library while we read.” – A.C.

“I like reading books and choosing a word each time to draw a picture of.  I like Mary as my mentor.” – Chloie

“Getting to read books and getting to learn more.” – Izabella

“I enjoy Power Read because I like to enjoy to read and like the people here.”

Name your favorite book or book series:

“Stone Soup, Big Nate, Bone, and Owl series” – Aubrey

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid–pictures are funny just the right amount of words on a page.”

“Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and the other pigeon books”

“I like Splat the Cat, because Splat is funny.”

If you could invite a friend to Power Read, what would you say about Power Read:

“It is fun! Get to each lunch and read. You can read with your  mentor. Sometimes they read sometimes you read. It is just fun!” – Diyon

“That you read with the best people.  You eat and read. Go Read Go <3” (heart shape)

“It’s a lot of fun.  You get fun books and reading is a lot of fun.  They let you pick what you read, which I like.”

“It helps me read better. It is fun. It is amazing.”

When you go home, what do you tell your family about Power Read:

“We get our lunch and we meet and read with our mentor.  We get to pick out a book to read, different books and we get free books.” – David

“I like putting the books I get at ‘Power Read’ on my bookshelf in my room.” – Shyanne

“I signed up for Power Read and meet with a nice mentor.  Mother said that was cool. Now to tell her what titles we are reading and what the topic is!” – Zyaire

“When my mom or dad pick me up after club and they ask me how my day was, if it is Wednesday I say I had a great day because of Power Read.”

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