Mentor Feature: Marcia Treichel

Name: Marcia Treichel

Age: 40

Occupation: Bank Branch Manager

Reading site: Children & Family Urban Movement

How long you’ve read with EWI: 3 years

Favorite book (and why!): The Giving Tree because it depicts a story of unconditional love and friendship.

Q: Why do you volunteer with Everybody Wins! Iowa?

A: I have a passion for helping children feel valued and cared for. Being a reading mentor does so much more than just reading with them. It provides an opportunity to be a positive influence in a child’s life. Show them kindness and support their development.

Q: With so many options for nonprofit or volunteer work in Central Iowa, what would you say to someone considering joining Everybody Wins! Iowa and the Power Read program?

A: When considering volunteering with EWI it is an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life and in your own. Being a mentor positively impacts the lives of both the mentor and child through creating this space to develop a friendship.

Thank you for your service, Marcia!

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