Mentor Feature: Stephanie Pohren

Name: Stephanie Pohren

Age: 35

Occupation: Strategist, ITA Group

Reading site: Hillside Elementary

How long you’ve read with EWI: 2 years

Q: Favorite book (and why!)

A: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss for its extremely important message for our treatment of the planet within a rhythmic story easily understood by all ages.

Q: Why do you volunteer with Everybody Wins! Iowa?

A: I volunteer with Everybody Wins! Iowa because it allows me to share my love of reading with local students in a set and recurring time that is easily built into a weekly schedule.

Q: With so many options for nonprofit or volunteer work in Central Iowa, what would you say to someone considering joining Everybody Wins! Iowa and the Power Read program?

A: The Power Read program allows you to form a relationship with a local student and a school over time. This means you see—and are part of—ongoing change and impact in the community.

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