Staff Feature: Anna Sunstrom

Photo credit: Alex Lindsley

Anna Sunstrom, Volunteer Manager for Everybody Wins! Iowa, has been an active part of the organization for years, dating back to the summer of 2015 when she signed up as a reading mentor at the MLK Park program in Des Moines.

“I started mentoring/ working with Everybody Wins! Iowa because I wanted to make a difference in a child’s life and give back to the community,” Anna said.

Anna very much enjoyed her experience as a reading mentor, and decided she wanted to get more involved with the organization. In the fall she was hired by EWI as a site-coordinator at Walnut Street School and Hillside Elementary for the 2015-2016 school year. 

“I enjoyed my experience as a mentor so much that I wanted to work with the organization further,” Anna said.

In May 2016, Anna was hired as EWI’s first full-time Volunteer Manager, which is her current role with the organization.

“I really like working with Everybody Wins! Iowa,” Anna said.  “We have a great office team and board members. Most importantly I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with the students and mentors and see how those relationships change.”

Outside of Everybody Wins! Iowa, Anna enjoys theater (both attending shows and performing in them) as well as teaching for the After School Art Program.  She also actively volunteers in the community.

“I started volunteering in middle school and mentoring in high school and it has stuck with me,” Anna said.

For the past two years, Anna has been the Marketing Chair for Volunteer Managers of Central Iowa. Starting next year, she will serve as the organization’s secretary. 

Anna is also a member of the ISU 4U Promise Community Alliance, which helps to provide students who attended King and Moulton elementary schools with tuition funds to attend Iowa State University.

Thank you for your years of service, Anna!

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