Mentor of the Month: Doris McNeilly

We have a fantastic group of mentors at our Tuesday night program at Central Presbyterian Church. One
of these mentors is Doris McNeilly who recently turned 90 years of age.

Doris has had a lifelong love of helping children. She is a retired middle school teacher. She also has
children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

In her retirement she enjoys mentoring, reading and traveling.

Doris began mentoring at Central Presbyterian Church because it is conveniently located close to the
retirement community that she lives in. She likes helping out at the church because she volunteered at
her church in Shenandoah, IA most of her life. She enjoys reading with her student Tara because she is
“so cute and bright.”

Our site-coordinator Amber Juffer, says that she enjoys talking to Doris. Amber appreciates that Doris
comes to program early to help with the meal that is served by the church prior to the reading program.
Doris encourages others to mentor because she believes it is, “fun to be with kids.”

Everybody Wins! Iowa thanks Doris for her dedication to the program and to Central Presbyterian

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