COVID-19 Resources for Central Iowa

COVID-19 Resources for Central Iowa:
School Districts Supporting Families (and Meals for K-12 students):

Resources for Youth, Familes, and Schools (via Please Pass the Love)

Scholastic Learn At Home (Day-by-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking, and growing)

Boredom Busters (via Des Moines Public Library)

Working from home

Managing Stress

Unemployment (or When the Paycheck Stops):

Other Ways to Help our Community

Are people just overreacting to this? (borrowed from

Let’s talk about glitter. Stick with us.

If you’ve ever had even a little bit of glitter in your house, you know that it spreads to places you couldn’t have dreamed
of for weeks after it first appeared. You end up with a speck of glitter on your face that you don’t know how it got there.
Your friends and family get it. It comes with you everywhere you go until it falls off somewhere. COVID-19 is like invisible
glitter that makes people very sick and could kill people. If we all walk around our daily lives with COVID-19 and don’t
know we have it, the “glitter” still gets on everyone else. If that happens enough, we all end up in the hospital at the
same time, which would be very bad. Social distancing is about keeping the majority of the population healthy so that
hospitals will not get overwhelmed all at once. That helps hospitals serve the people most at risk and protect their front
line workers. It’s a responsible preventative step, and one that is necessary at this time.

What we have to do right now is keep our glitter to ourselves. Clean and disinfect everything. Wash your hands. Stay
home if you’re sick or if you’ve been around someone who is sick. Stay away from other people and their glitter. Keep
your glitter to yourself.

But never stop shining, little star!

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