FY22 Staffing Updates

Amber Juffer is one of two program managers with Everybody Wins! Iowa. She has been involved with EWI since 2013, before becoming a site coordinator, and was most recently a lead site coordinator.

One important aspect Amber recognized while at EWI applies to mentoring: “I have learned that the critical piece for a successful mentor relationship is consistency. Showing up every week is the most important thing!”

Amber appreciates being able to view the Power Read mentorships through a larger perspective. “It’s a bird’s eye view of the programs that I enjoy. Every relationship is different and most are so mutually enjoyed by the mentor and student that I could never say one is better than another!”

Amber spoke about the impact of EWI’s mission, and the ability for mentorships to positively impact the lives of mentors and students. She shares that the program helps students to gain confidence and reading and listening skills. However, this is not the only benefit of the program: “It also has the potential to shape a child’s understanding of community, improve their communication skills and interaction with adults, teach them how to be a part of a relationship, and, hopefully, provide them an experience of kindness that they won’t soon forget.”

In this role, Amber plans to strengthen EWI’s programs: “I hope to facilitate all our Power Read programs to run smoothly and efficiently and with a high standard of professionalism.”

In her free time, Amber enjoys spending time with her family, walking, reading, and shopping.

Stacy Pearce is one of two program managers with Everybody Wins! Iowa. She has been involved with EWI for four years and previously served as a site coordinator. Stacy began as a volunteer with EWI because wanted to give back to the community after her youngest child began kindergarten.

Stacy shared her perspective as she began as a mentor with EWI: “As soon as I started, I loved the kids, and I was hooked. I was a mentor for a while, but when the chance to be more involved came along I jumped at it.”

As she worked with students, Stacy noticed that her own ability to have books to read as a child is not an opportunity everyone has. “I grew up with books everywhere. I remember the very first time, as a mentor, I heard a child say they didn’t have books of their own at home. That was hard for me to even imagine at that time.”

In this role, Stacy hopes to become involved with local neighborhoods and communities as students return to school in the fall. Forming connections with administrators and staff can help in achieving this goal.

Stacy also spoke about the relationships formed and the impact within the program: “Books are such a great way to connect, to learn about each other, and to give a child something of their own to feel excited about.”

In her free time, Stacy enjoys reading, yoga, and spending time with her family and rescue dog named Wednesday.

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