Director Details: Katie Jones

Katie Jones, board president

Katie Jones is the new president of the EWI Board of Directors, and she’s wasting no time in getting down to business. “This is still a challenging time due to COVID,” she said. “We know lots of kids have slipped behind in reading during the pandemic. Meanwhile, costs are rising, and fundraising has become more challenging. Now more than ever, it’s important to support reading in young kids.” Jones is a fan of the monthly donation option. “I make my donation recurring, so it’s spread out over the course of the year,” she said. A mentor of five years, Jones reads at Capitol View Elementary School and emphasizes the importance of the mentorship aspect of Power Read. “One of my students went through some hard times and it was clearly meaningful for that child to have another adult to talk to. For me, Power Read is so easy and it’s great to develop a relationship with your students over the years.”