Director Details: Mike Sheehy

Mike Sheehy, EWI board member

Mike Sheehy is just a member of the EWI Board of Directors and Recruitment Committee for the first time since joining the board in 2015. He’s served as vice president and co-chair of the Recruitment Committee and has overseen many of the organization’s personnel duties. Mike was deeply involved in EWI leadership when COVID halted in-person mentoring. “The initial work we did to respond to COVID and adjust our policies to support that uncertainty was pretty rewarding,” he says. “Our board was able to provide focus under uncertain circumstances. The challenge looking ahead is getting back to the growth path we were on pre-pandemic and continue to mentor more and more students.” Mike mentors at Findley Elementary School, which is opening its doors to volunteers this fall for the first time since 2020. What’s he looking forward to reading? “Whatever the book of choice is for first-graders,” he says.