Director Details: Tammy Blackwell

Tammy Blackwell, EWI treasurer

Years ago, Tammy Blackwell’s pastor told her that when she found the right volunteer opportunity, she’d have a more fulfilling experience. About seven years ago, searching for a way to work with children, she found what she was looking for when she signed up to mentor at Edmunds Elementary in Des Moines. “This program is all about unconditional love,” she says, quipping, “Where else are you going to go where someone comes running to you on a Monday?” Since then, Tammy has joined the EWI Board of Directors and currently serves as treasurer. Those obligations are considerably different than those of her full-time position as finance senior manager with The Krause Group. “Everybody Wins! Iowa is a non-profit, and as the treasurer I see exactly how important it is to have the financial contributions we need to enable us to do meaningful work,” she says. “Even though we are a very lean organization, we always need contributions to cover our costs.”