Staff Scene: Gina Ruggle

Gina Ruggle, site coordinator

Gina Ruggle’s plans to mentor at Perry Elementary School were sidelined by COVID. When Power Read resumed this fall, the mentors learned the program in Perry needed a site coordinator and all eyes turned to her. “I said I would do it with the stipulation that I could still read with the kids,” Gina says. “I just really enjoy kids.” In only a few months Gina has recruited enough mentors to expand Power Read from second grade to third grade. “If I can fill up all of my spots in the third grade, I’m going to add fourth grade,” she says. EWI is the “best of the best” when it comes to volunteer opportunities, Gina says: “I think the kids are great, they think the other mentors and I are great. I just wish everyone could see how rewarding this is. I can’t express how much I get out of it.”