Director Details: Ken Chester, Jr.

Ken Chester, Jr., Marketing Committee member

Ken Chester, Jr., has been on the EWI Board of Directors for less than a year but he’s already got big plans and ideas to ensure the long-term success of Power Read. “Growth and diversity go hand in hand, and as we grow our program, we should be sure to improve our diversity by reaching out to people of color,” Ken says. He’s also got a plan for strengthening the organization’s financial stability: “I think end-of-life planning is an unexplored opportunity for us,” he says. “Millions, if not trillions, of dollars are donated as generous people want to leave a legacy and do some good for the world. Creating recurring, sustainable funding is a challenge, and this could take a lot of pressure off our organization.” Ken joined the EWI Board last May and shares his joy of reading at George Washington Carver Community School in Des Moines.