Mentor Moment: Carol Millar

Carol Millar, mentor

Carol Millar has been an EWI mentor more than 15 years, reading at schools throughout the metro area, and has served on the organization’s board of directors. She’s as enthused as she was when she began mentoring and calls Power Read an easy way to make a difference in the life of a child. “I show up, and there’s a book cart and a child, and I just read,” Carol says. “Reading is the most important thing in the world if you’re going to be successful. How can a child learn if they can’t read?” She adds, “Parents are busy, and families have a lot of challenges, so sometimes it’s hard to find time to read.” Power Read helps fill that gap. Carol currently reads at Cattell Elementary School in Des Moines and says, “We always need more mentors and anyone who signs up won’t regret it. Every time I read, no matter what my day has been like, I always leave my mentoring session in a good mood.”