Director Details: Max Miller

Max Miller, Recruitment Committee co-chair

Max Miller has done a lot in his nine-year tenure on the EWI Board of Directors. He’s served as treasurer, president, and co-chair of the Recruitment Committee, and seen the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic. But the thing that pleases him most is the teamwork he sees year after year. “There’s always a wide range of backgrounds and different points of view on the board, and it’s always good to hear the different ideas and perspectives, things that didn’t cross my mind,” he says. “Everyone is positive and it’s fun when it all comes together, whatever we’re working on.” Max is particularly pleased to see EWI continue to grow and expand into new communities. Max reads at Crestview School of Inquiry in Clive. In his nine-plus years of mentoring he’s only read with three students. “It’s been so great to see their progress,” he says.