Director Details: Morgan Schultz

Morgan Schultz, Special Events Committee co-chair

Morgan Schultz has only been on the EWI Board of Directors for a year, but she says she already believes the organization’s future is bright. “Whenever I represent Everybody Wins! Iowa at an event and people who are familiar with us see our name, they light up,” she says. “There are enduring challenges for small organizations like ours, including public awareness and fundraising, but on our board of directors new ideas are always bubbling up.” Morgan says it’s a passion for childhood literacy and a love of books that drew her to EWI. “I’m an only child, so some of my earliest friends were my books. I was an early reader and I learned early on to fall in love with books,” she says. “I was always reading two or three books at a time, and now I can bring my love of books to more children.”