Director Details: Betsy Noyes

Betsy Noyes, board secretary

Connection is a word that comes up a lot when Betsy Noyes talks about Everybody Wins! Iowa. “What we do well is connect people and bring the community together,” she says. “It’s a symbiotic relationship when we bring our mentors, who are members of the community, into the schools because they’re not just supporting the students. They’re also learning about their local schools.” Besty, who reads at Hubbell Elementary School and serves as board secretary and on the Recruitment Committee, also wants to ensure the organization is forging relationships with as many potential donors as possible. “We need to connect with as many community members and corporate funders as we can,” she says. “We’re making sure we’re not leaving anything on the table and going after every opportunity so we can continue to support and grow Power Read. Our biggest challenge is always going to be funding so we’re reaching out to a diverse group of donors and then making sure we nurture those connections.”