Director Details: Elizabeth Heffernan

Elizabeth Heffernan, Recruitment Committee co-chair

Elizabeth Heffernan is one of the newest members of the EWI Board of Directors, joining the organization about a year ago. Though it was the reading aspect that drew her in, it’s the chance to connect and collaborate with the community that resonates with her. “I like that Everybody Wins supports the public good, particularly for kids in our communities, and does that by collaborating with our neighborhood schools,” Elizabeth says. “We’re forming bonds between our mentors and students, meeting them where they are.” She adds that although we’re a couple of years out from the height of the pandemic, the recovery is ongoing and EWI can assist with that. “We’re all still trying to regain our equilibrium, and Power Read allows us to be a steady touchpoint for both our kids and communities.” Looking ahead, Elizabeth plans to focus on further strengthening community bonds to ensure a bright future for EWI: “We’re solidifying existing funding, looking at new partnerships, just trying to be a part of the local network.”