Director Details: Valerie Gramlich

Valerie Gramlich, board member

Valerie Gramlich has loved reading since she was a child, and it was during a United Way Day of Action that she decided to find a way to share that love with children. So, eight years ago she signed on as a mentor with EWI and since then she has joined the Special Events Committee and most recently the Board of Directors. She takes something different away from each of her roles in the organization. “What I like about mentoring is the excitement the students have when they enter the room and how deliberate they are about choosing the best book,” Valerie says. “I enjoy the Special Events Committee because I want to spread the word about Everybody Wins, and I enjoy doing community outreach and attending the events.” Valerie says it’s “eye opening” to serve on the board: “I see the challenges of maintaining a quality nonprofit and reading program; learning where our books come from, paying the staff, recruiting site coordinators. Right now, it’s important that we get financial support and grants.” Valerie reads at Edmunds Elementary.