Director Details: Tyler Brommel

Tyler Brommel, board member

When Tyler Brommel was a young student, he was great at math but struggled with reading until about the third grade. “If I hadn’t had a mentor, a reading teacher, it would have taken me a lot longer to catch up,” he says. “I was strong in other areas, and I had other interests. It was having someone to give me the motivation that made the difference.” Tyler is the newest member of the EWI Board of Directors and is glad to be able to help support other students. “It’s going to hurt you in every subject if you can’t read,” he says. “It’s just a matter of time before you’re sitting in front of a test, even a math test, which requires reading. Tyler serves on the Recruitment Committee, which seeks both donors and mentors. Though he just joined the board over the summer, he’s already making his mark, helping EWI with a new investment. His priority right now is ensuring EWI’s financial foundation is strong so the organization can make students’ lives “just a little bit better or a little easier.”