Director Details: Rod Bradley II

Rod Bradley II, board member

Children are clearly important to Rod Bradley II. He’s the father to four boys, has a background in early childhood education, and has been a mentor at Findley Elementary School for six years. So, it’s no surprise that he answered the call this spring when he was nominated to join the EWI Board of Directors. Rod started participating in Power Read because his employer, John Deere Financial, has a partnership with Findley. Joining the board was appealing, he said, because he wanted to increase his involvement and work behind the scenes. “I wanted to play a bigger part and have a bigger impact,” he says.

Rod, who serves on the Marketing Committee, says, “I want to be a fly on the wall for a little bit, but I’ll have no problem jumping in and getting involved.” He’s already learning the ropes and calling on the community to support Power Read: “I challenge others to become involved, as a mentor or financially. We have a financial need and I encourage you to give to this organization that definitely has an impact in the greater Des Moines area.”

Rod knows from experience that Power Read bolsters students’ reading skills and builds their confidence. “For some kids,” he adds, “this might be the only consistency they get. They know we’ll be there every week.” That’s why Rod, a dad of four with a full-time job, has taken on the commitment of serving on the EWI Board of Directors. “Board members are expected to devote five to eight hours a month to EWI, and you make it work because you want to be a part of something that will make a difference in people’s lives,” he says. “My favorite quote from ‘Pigsty,’ one of the books I’ve read with my students, says many hooves make light work. That’s kind of my mantra now.”