What We Do

Our mission: To increase children’s success in school and life through one-to-one reading and mentoring experiences with caring volunteers.

How does everybody win?

Students win by enjoying consistent and positive interactions with caring adults.

Volunteers win by enjoying meaningful and worthwhile experiences and the satisfaction of knowing they are making a positive impact on the future of a young child.

Schools win by seeing improvement in their students’ literacy skills without assuming any administrative burden or cost.

Companies win by offering a simple, efficient way to enhance employee morale and from the positive effects of providing a valuable service to the community.

How do we do this? With our Power Lunch Program!

The Everybody Wins! Power Lunch program is a lunchtime literacy and mentoring program in which preschool and elementary school students are matched with volunteers that are recruited from major corporations and other organizations to serve as “reading partners”. In most cases, the volunteer stays with the same child multiple years if the child is returning to the program.

How does Power Lunch operate?

On a weekly basis, volunteers go to the school, meet their student, pick up a school lunch or bring in a sack lunch, and proceed to classrooms or the school library to enjoy time talking, reading and eating lunch with their student. Each volunteer reading partner commits to the program for one school year and is encouraged to continue with the same student from year to year during their elementary school years. To make certain that the program functions smoothly, trained school coordinators oversee each program and are supervised by a professional staff member. Students are chosen by their teachers based on academic performance, English spoken as a second language or someone who could benefit from a positive, consistent mentoring experience.

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Take a look at our 2016 Annual Report to see what we accomplished thanks to all of your help!

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