Become a Site Sponsor

Corporate Sponsorship

School-Year Sponsorship Budget
Site Coordinator: $900
Volunteer Background Checks: $375
Volunteer materials: $500
Purchase of books for the program: $1,500
Books for giveaways during the year: $925
Program Monitoring & Evaluation: $1,200
Administrative costs: $600
Sponsorship Total: $6,000

Everybody Wins! Iowa would greatly appreciate your sponsorship and would like to inform you about some of the benefits provided to your organization. We would like to invite individuals from your organization to be Celebrity Readers throughout the year at your sponsored program. We also invite you to assist with book giveaways and to help host the year end party that is held to recognize mentors and students. Your organization would be listed as a sponsor on our website, in our monthly e-newsletter, and in the annual report.