Our Programs

Sites and Contact Information for Site Coordinators:

Capitol View Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: capitolview@everybodywinsiowa.org

Carver Community School  Site Coordinator E-mail: carver@everybodywinsiowa.org

Cattell Elementary School Site Coordinator E-mail: cattell@everybodywinsiowa.org

Central Presbyterian Church  Site Coodinator E-mail: cpctutoring@everybodywinsiowa.org

Children & Family Urban Movement Breakfast Site Coordinator E-mail: powerbreakfast@everybodywinsiowa.org After-school Site Coordinator E-mail: cfumafterschool@everybodywinsiowa.org

Crestview School of Inquiry

Downtown School Site Coordinator E-mail:  downtown@everybodywinsiowa.org

Edmunds Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: edmunds@everybodywinsiowa.org

Emerson Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: emerson@everybodywinsiowa.org

Findley Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: findley@everybodywinsiowa.org

Findley Elementary John Deere Financial Power Breakfast Site Coordinator E-mail: findleyjdf@everybodywinsiowa.org

Greenwood Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: greenwood@everybodywinsiowa.org

Hillside Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: hillside@everybodywinsiowa.org

Hubbell Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: hubbell@everybodywinsiowa.org

King Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: king@everybodywinsiowa.org

Lakewood Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: lakewood@everybodywinsiowa.org

Lincoln Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: lincoln@everybodywinsiowa.org

Lovejoy Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: lovejoy@everybodywinsiowa.org

McKinley Elementary School Site Coordinator E-mail: mckinley@everybodywinsiowa.org

Monroe Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: monroe@everybodywinsiowa.org

Moore Elementary Lunch Program Site Coordinator E-mail: moore@everybodywinsiowa.org

Moore Elementary After School Program Site Coordinator E-mail: mooreafterschool@everybodywinsiowa.org

Oakridge Neighborhood Site Coordinator E-mail: oakridge@everybodywinsiowa.org

Oviatt Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: oviatt@everybodywinsiowa.org

Pella Christian Grade School Site Coordinator E-mail: pellachristian@everybodywinsiowa.org

Perry Elementary School Site Coordinator E-mail: perry@everybodywinsiowa.org

River Woods Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: riverwoods@everybodywinsiowa.org

St. Theresa Catholic School Site Coordinator E-mail: sttheresas@everybodywinsiowa.org

South Union Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: southunion@everybodywinsiowa.org

Stowe Elementary

Terrace Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: terrace@everybodywinsiowa.org

Urban Dreams Site Coordinator E-mail: urbandreams@everybodywinsiowa.org

Walnut Street School Site Coordinator E-mail: walnutstreet@everybodywinsiowa.org

Whittier Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: whittier@everybodywinsiowa.org

Wilder Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: wilder@everybodywinsiowa.org

Willard Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: willard@everybodywinsiowa.org

Windsor Elementary Site Coordinator E-mail: windsor@everybodywinsiowa.org

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