Program Schedule

Please note:
Sites that are highlighted indicate a high need for mentors
Sites marked as FULL are at full capacity and are no longer accepting new mentors

FY22 Program Schedule

Greenwood Elementary
316 37th St, Des Moines
3rd grade: 11:10-11:50AM
2nd grade: 11:20-12:00PM
1st grade: 11:40-12:20PM
Moore Elementary (FULL)
3716 50th St, Des Moines
5th grade: 11:00-11:30AM
4th grade: 11:30-12:00PM
3rd grade: 12:10-12:40PM
Moulton Elementary (FULL)
1541 8th St, Des Moines
Northwest Elementary
1202 W 1st St, Ankeny
1st grade: 11:10-11:40AM
Willard Elementary
2941 Dean Ave, Des Moines
3rd grade: 11:30-12:05PM
4th grade: 11:40-12:15PM
Capitol View Elementary (FULL)
320 E 16th St, Des Moines
2nd grade: 11:25-11:55AM
Carver Community School
705 E University Ave #100, Des Moines
1st grade: 10:50-11:35AM
3rd grade: 11:30-12:10PM
4th grade: 11:50-12:30PM
5th grade - 12:10-12:50
Central Presbyterian Church (FULL)
3829 Grand Ave, Des Moines
Cowles Montessori (FULL)
6401 College Ave, Windsor Heights
2nd/3rd grade: 11:20-11:50AM
Crestview School of Inquiry (FULL)
8355 Franklin Ave, Clive
1st grade: 11:15-11:45AM
3rd grade: 12:00-12:30PM
Emerson Elementary
1109 E. Euclid Ave, Indianola
Findley Elementary (FULL)
3025 Oxford Ave, Des Moines
Hillside Elementary School (FULL)
713 8th St, West Des Moines
St. Theresa’s Catholic School
5810 Carpenter Ave, Des Moines
Cattell Elementary
3101 E 12th St, Des Moines
Downtown School
1800 Grand Ave, Des Moines
3rd/4th grade: 11:10-11:40AM
2nd/5th grade: 11:40-12:10PM
Howe Elementary
2900 Indianola Ave, Des Moines
Perry Elementary
1600 8th St, Perry
4th grade: 12:25-1:10PM
5th grade: 12:50-1:35PM
South Union Elementary
4201 S Union St, Des Moines
Crossroads Elementary
1050 50th St, West Des Moines
8:15-8:50 AM
Edmunds Elementary
950 15th St, Des Moines
2nd grade: 10:40-11:20AM
Hubbell Elementary
800 42nd St, Des Moines
Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary
2303 W Euclid Ave, Indianola
Monroe Elementary
2250 30th St, Des Moines
1st grade: 10:30-11:10AM
3rd grade: 10:55- 11:25AM
Orchard Hills (FULL)
1130 W North Ave, Norwalk
2nd grade: 10:45-11:10AM
3rd grade: 11:10-11:35AM
2nd grade: 11:35-12:00PM
3rd grade: 12:00-12:25PM
2nd grade: 12:25-12:50PM
3rd grade: 12:50-1:15PM

River Woods Elementary
2929 SE 22nd St, Des Moines
2nd grade: 11:20-11:50AM
Southeast Elementary
1005 SE Trilein Dr, Ankeny, IA
Stowe Elementary
1411 E 33rd St, Des Moines
Walnut Street School (FULL)
901 Walnut St, Des Moines
2nd/3rd grade: 11:45-12:15PM
Lovejoy Elementary
801 E Kenyon Ave, Des Moines
McKinley Elementary
1610 SE 6th St, Des Moines
2nd grade: 11:25-11:55AM
3rd grade: 11:40-12:00PM
1st grade: 11:55-12:25PM