What Your Donation Covers

Why Donate?

As a non-profit organization, we rely solely on individual donations, grants, corporate partnerships, fundraisers, and community volunteers to run our programming. We want to reach more students, but it costs $6,000 to expand our program to a new site (or about $300 per student). When we expand our program to a new site Everybody Wins! Iowa provides all of the necessary resources to ensure a smoothly run program including: a part-time paid staff member to organize the program on site, volunteer background checks, books for the program and student book giveaways, the purchase of a book cart, volunteer resources, administrative costs and evaluation. We don’t want to burden the school or community site with having to provide resources for our program, which is why we bring everything needed to them (at no cost), and for that reason we request funding to help our students and communities.

Who can Donate?

Individuals, businesses, and organizations can all contribute to our programs. Your financial support helps pay for new books, volunteer training and supervision, ongoing support of reading partners, and other program operations. Everybody Wins! Iowa is a 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax-deductible according to law.

How Your Gift Makes A Difference

  • $25 can purchase books for our book carts
  • $60 can help us process three new mentor applications/background checks
  • $100 can sponsor a student for summer Power Read
  • $300 can sponsor a Power Read student for the year
  • $900 can sponsor 3 Power Read students for the year
  • $1,500 can sponsor 5 Power Read students for the year
  • $6,000 can sponsor a NEW Power Read at a school/site